Social Media Marketing

With over a billion accounts opened on Facebook alone, social media users aged 13 to 93 are bound to represent a substantial portion of your target customer and audience. You, however, have a company to run, and don’t see the “business logix” in spending time updating your status, posting artsy photos, or tweeting witty idioms to your fans like some sort of young reporter.

We can help you manage your social media accounts to drive up those twitter followers, multiply your Facebook fans, and revitalize your business’s LinkedIn company page. It is our dedication to you to aid in the enhancement of your brand awareness, find successful approaches to event promotion and customer engagement, and provide data analysis in order to equip you with relevant and tangible feedback regarding your social media marketing campaigns.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Site Creation

Social Media Site Creation

Let us create your social media site for you. Our Social Media Site Creation includes all the necessary steps to effectively setup, configure and brand the most popular social media sites for your business. We will customize your social media sites to strengthen your brand identity and we will also setup the privacy and security setting to ensure that your social media sites are setup correctly.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management service has been specially design to help you maintain and manage your social media sites. Let us take care of all the hassle and tedious work related to posting new content on the sites and keeping track of your brand mentioned and interaction. Our team of social media experts will periodically share interesting and engaging content on your sites, they will also monitor and evaluate the performance of each site in order to determine what is and what is not working on your sites. This service complements with the SEO and Lead Generation services.

Interested In Learning More?

Send us your questions through our contact form or schedule a meeting with our email marketing expert. She will answer provide you with actionable solutions on how you can use email marketing to improve the engagement with your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Social Media Help Me with Brand Awareness?

Social Media sites such as Twitter or Facebook are the ideal atmosphere to extend your brand to a whole new audience your website or emails might not be reaching! Think of your Facebook profile as a third arm that extends your brand in a whole new dimension you did not think possible. Many underestimate or shy away from social media sites to promote their brand; we here at Business Logix, however, believe unreservedly in the power of social media, and would love to partner with you to help you manage this powerful extension of your brand.

Think, for a second, about a Facebook or Twitter page. When you land on one of your friend’s pages? What do you see? You see photos, maybe a few links to funny or motivating articles, and of course, their profile picture or thumbnail. Now imagine your business as your friend’s Facebook page. What can you see now? The thumbnail might turn into your business’s logo, photos would pop up depicting your business’s work or maybe even the product itself, and there would be links all over the place to your website, your product, or maybe even your blog. The influence of social media as a way to raise awareness of your brand cannot be understated, and if you are feeling at all uncomfortable about your social media presence and its affect on your brand, please reach out to us!

Is Social Media Important for Event Promotion and Customer Engagement?

Communicating with your customers or potential customers can be very difficult if they never provide you with any of their personal information! How are consumers going to find out about your events or the launch of your new product or the newspaper article in which you were quoted? The answer: social media. Social media sites allow you to engage with customers with very limited personal information. Customers can “like” your posts and engage with your postings extremely easily, and will be able to see events that you are promoting without your business having to send them a single email.

How Do I Know If Social Media Is Working For Me?

Many social media websites offer businesses easy-to-use, accessible, and relevant analytics that will highlight the level of customer engagement on a business’s social media page over a period of time. We are available to help you manage your social media presence when it comes to building your presence, maintaining your presence, or analyzing your presence.