Lead Generation

Lead Generation Marketing or Inbound marketing is all about making the “bait” as desirable as possible before setting the fishing line in the water. Inbound marketers seek to craft the best possible website designed with the customer in mind, maintaining adaptability and awareness of the inevitable changing environments and needs of their audience. To succeed in inbound marketing, it is vital to stay determined to a promise of quality and commitment to your customer. Let’s get started!

Our Lead Generation Services

Our lead generation service follow a process based on  what it is know as inbound marketing. We focus our work in helping you establish and setup adequate communication channels online so that you can publish quality content so that you can generate qualified leads. Below is a brief presentation of the activities included in our Lead Generation process.

Situational Analysis

Situation Analysis

We will conduct an in-depth report of key factors that influence the SEO and usability of a website. This diagnostics centers on evaluating the website search engine friendliness through the analysis of several variables like site traffic, social monitoring, mobile optimization, SEO, authority, link building, usability, security and technology. The product of this service is a report of actionable advice to improve a site’s business objectives.

Marketing Plan

Creation of a 12 Month Marketing Plan

Once we have conducted the web audit and other research. We’ll provide a written marketing plan that takes stock of your current position, and then lays out the specific strategies and activities that we’ll do to help your company reach your lead generation goals within one year.

Execution of Inbound Marketing Plan

Execution of the Inbound Marketing Plan

In this stage of our service we will compile 2 offers for initial launch and also create an editorial calendar to achieve what was established in the inbound marketing plan. We will also continuously conduct a keyword analysis in order to stay on top of what your target audience are searching for.

Once the offers are ready we will make us of your blog, email marketing and social media sites to promote the content and drive qualified traffic to your site.

Lead Generation

Continuous Monitoring & Evaluation

In order to make adjustments and improvements to the type of content and activities being conducted we keep a close eye on how each campaign and offer are performing. By using tools like Google Analytics we are able to determine how much traffic the inbound marketing is generating to your site, we can also tell you other important information to allow you to take informed decisions.

Interested In Learning More?

Send us your questions through our contact form or schedule a meeting with our email marketing expert. She will answer provide you with actionable solutions on how you can use email marketing to improve the engagement with your customers.