Email Marketing

Email Marketing is more powerful than you think. In fact, statistics show that email marketing is vital to a successful online presence in today’s world. From the ease of accessing your inbox in the palm of your hand to the attraction of discounts not available elsewhere, emails are persuasive tools that, when drafted thoughtfully and intentionally, connect your business with your customers in a uniquely personal approach.

Our Services

Constant Contact

Email Marketing System

We have partnered with Constant Contact to offer top email marketing services. Through their online platform you are going to be able to run email marketing campaigns and get detail information on the performance of every campaign. Through this system you can also manage event registration and payment as well as running targeted surveys.

Constant Contact

Email Marketing Quick Start

We will setup and configure your email marketing system so that you can be running email marketing campaigns in no time. We will also build a customize email template so that you can reuse every time you need to send an email campaign.

Email Marketing Template Creation

Email Marketing Template Creation

We will create a customize fully branded email marketing template so that you can brand your corporate email while running  your email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Template Creation

Email Marketing Management

This service is all inclusive, meaning that we will take care of everything related to your email marketing. We will setup the system, create your email marketing templates, manage your email contact list, create and execute email marketing campaigns and will also provide a full report on the performance of each campaign.

Interested In Learning More?

Send us your questions through our contact form or schedule a meeting with our email marketing expert. She will answer provide you with actionable solutions on how you can use email marketing to improve the engagement with your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Do With Email Marketing?

Email marketing helps you accomplish basically two objectives. The first one is to turn leads into customers and the second one is to improve engagement with existing customers to obtain repeated sales.

The use of email marketing can serve as an additional channel to communicate your online marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website. You can easily share your email marketing campaign with your social media sites, thus increasing the reach of your campaign.

You can even automate processes with email marketing. Create a simple set of automated emails, welcome new leads, or conduct drip marketing. Email marketing makes it easy to automatically keep in touch with your new lead or client while you continue running your business.

Finally, email marketing is easily tracked and measured. Through the use of an email marketing service provider, you can discover important information about the performance of each email marketing campaign. You will know how many of your emails were delivered successfully, how many of them were opened, how many people clicked on the links you included in your content, and which links were the most popular.

Can I do Email Marketing using Outlook, Yahoo or Gmail?

Although you can conduct email marketing using the email clients named above, we strongly recommend you don’t use them for email marketing. These programs and your Internet Service Provider are not build to conduct email marketing. The use of Gmail or any other email client system should only be used when communicating with a small number of people, and is not built for mass communication. These applications lacks features like compatibility, tracking and list segmentation. Sending mass email campaigns through programs like Microsoft Outlook can also get you into trouble with your Internet Service Provider, resulting in slow Internet connections or even suspension of your service.