Oh What A Treat

Project Status

Below are some statistics on the design and development of this project.

  • Planning 100%
  • Design 100%
  • Prototype 100%
  • Execution 75%

About The Project:

The project consist in designing and developing a small e-commerce site for our client. The design of this site includes the design of the site’s layout, creation of the site framework, customization of the site’s appearance to match their corporate image through the development of custom code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This project also included the setup of an e-commerce system with a shopping card so that visitors could purchase the products offered by the Company.

The domain registration, web hosting and hosting for their corporate emails is also included in the service.

About The Client:

Oh What a Treat! is a small business that sells a variety of flavored popcorn and other treats. You can visit their site here.


The following services are provide in this project.

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